Fodder Solutions: The Best Option for Animal Nutrition

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Fodder Solution: The Best Option for Animal Nutrition Sprouts grown in a Fodder Feed System are a highly nutritious source of animal feed. Sprouts are best incorporated into a feed as a concentrate, grain replacement, hay replacement, or supplement.  Always verify planning with your vet when mapping out a fodder solution. There are many advantages to feeding sprouts grown with hydroponic fodder feed systems. Since sprouts are fed year round, they are considered a ‘living feed’. Advantages that come from the animals having access...

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Fodder Feed Systems Solution:

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Fodder Cattle Dot Com is an online business that is at the forefront of making available the most innovative fodder feed systems and products for the high quality production of animal and livestock feed. Whether you are a horse trainer, farmer, or just a livestock owner, you are probably looking to find economical, sustainable alternatives to traditional feeds that provide superior performance and nutrition. We can put all that science has to offer into your hand so that you can effectively grow and produce the right feed. Whether you need to...

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Fodder Feed System Facts

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Grain: Wheat and Barley work well in the fodder feed system.  You can add Black Oil Sunflower seeds to the grain during the presoak.  Small seeds such as alfalfa should be soaked separately and put on top of the grain Fodder after the root mat has developed on the second day so they don’t wash though the drainage holes. It takes six days to produce the Fodder mat The Fodder mat is fed roots and all so there is no waste. 1 pound of seed will make about 6 pounds of Fodder. We pay $9.60 per 50# bag.  Fodder costs about $.38 a pound or $64 a...

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Discover the Amazing Benefits of Fodder Feed Systems

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Hydroponics is the method of growing in a soilless environment. It is increasing in popularity for commercial and hobby growers. Now, more and more people are quickly realizing the benefits of using this ground-breaking growth technique to grow livestock fodder. We have a few different fodder feed systems that we offer, or help you build, so that you and your animals can enjoy all of the benefits that a fodder diet has to offer. These systems we feature are designed to produce highly nutritious economical fodder at a very low cost, with...

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Fodder Feed System Solution Growth Facility

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Most of the videos on this first page are attributed to helping people build their own inexpensive fodder system. We are building a very large system out of lumbar, plywood, apoxie waterproofing solution, and the pumping timed hydroponic water system. We are including all these videos on the site so that people can follow along and get an Idea how they can benefit from their own fodder production without paying thousands for a professional system. Although, if you would rather just purchase a pro system we have those for sale also. We offer a...

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Benefits of Fodder Feeding in Livestock Cattle

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Fodder is much cheaper to produce and harvest than that of hay in the off season, and all around you can feed a beef for much cheaper a month than most other feed systems on the market today. Also, You can provide year-round green fodder feed for cattle, horses, and livestock. The minerals and vitamins found in the barley fodder are substantially more prevalent and consistent in the fodder diet than that of hay and grass feeding routines. Grown Naturally, there are no antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or hormones in the green feed.THIS...

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